Are You In Debt Up To Your Eyeballs?

Your credit is short and you are in debt up to your eyeballs. The loss of your job some few months ago is now taking a toll on you. You apply to every firm hoping to secure a job but all in vain; it hasn’t been easy. Before you think of adopting an ineffective debt management plan, keenly scrutinize these alternatives in order to be able to take charge of your credit. With some little patience, persistence and planning, debt consolidation loans for poor credit will enable you to rise again.

Assure yourself that overcoming the current financial situation can be achieved. Have a positive outlook and be determined to be debt free by repairing your credit and going on with your life. You should also understand that becoming debt free is a process that takes time. You should remember that the mess that you are in did not occur overnight, so getting out of it will also take some time. Prepare yourself mentally to be keeping track of your every day expenses and living within a tight budget. Learn to live within your means and avoid unnecessary shopping.

Keenly analyze the current financial situation that you are in. Determine if you honestly need to seek credit counseling services or a debt consolidation loans service. You should be careful to choose wisely because some of these providers are just yearning for your money, then they flee away. You should also assemble your past-due and current bills. In the event that you get unemployment benefits, it will help you even though most lenders do not consider it as income. The first thing that should be done is to call each of the creditors ask them if they offer debt consolidation loans for poor credit. Explain to them that you are currently jobless but you wish to continue paying your bills. Inquire from them if they can revise your payment so that you pay a lesser amount until you get a job.

Finally, you should examine your overall financial situation then decide what works for you the best. Irrespective of the option you choose, try to get debt consolidation loans for poor credit because the earlier you pay these debts, the better your credit will be hence less stress.

Here Are Five Ways You Can Get Results By Taking Inspired Action

I once went to a networking event where one of the speakers was a Facebook executive. She said the company motto was “Move Fast and Break Things”. They got new ideas out there as fast as they could, saw what worked and what didn’t, and fixed the problems as they went along. as soon as I thought about it later, I realized the trait was common to all of the outrageously successful entrepreneurs I could think about. The Richard Bransons of the world don’t wait for everyone to agree that their idea is a good one, or for it to be perfectly formed before they put it out there. They test and tweak as they go.While none of us are likely planning to launch a space mission or airline anytime soon, why not take a leaf out of their book?

Here are 5 ways YOU can get results by taking inspired action:

1) Put yourself out there
You can have the best product or service on the planet, but if people don’t know about your, your impact and potential will be limited. Who do you know who could introduce you to more of your ideal clients? It might be a person, a community or an association – anyone who has access and influence with the clients you serve (or want to serve). I serve creative professionals a Kelowna hearing aids clinic, so I focus on places where creative types congregate. I teach workshops at WeWork co-working spaces, write guest blog posts for the Freelancer’s Union (you are able to check out my most recent post here), teach workshops and webinars for entrepreneurial communities like In Good Company and Smarty, and attend creative conferences such as99U and HOW Design Live. It’s not as hard to get started as you think. Groups are always looking for new resources that will help their community, so drop them an email with an idea for a talk/workshop/webinar and start the conversation.

2) Seize opportunities (even when you don’t feel ready)
Did your mum ever tell you “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it”? Mine did. When you up your inner game, opportunities start coming in thick and fast and chances are, a number of them will force you outside of your comfort zone. Don’t let the fear stop you. Pushing it off will not make you feel any more comfortable, so when someone asks you to speak at a Kelowna hearing aids conference or lead a workshop, say “yes” and then figure out how to do it. You’ll be surprised at how resourceful and brave you really are.

3) Prioritize projects that ‘have legs’
Successful entrepreneurs know that a thriving, dynamic business needs equal parts structure and flexibility. Absolutely map out your goals, along with the steps you need to get there, but be prepared to pivot should you get traction on an idea in the form of client support or interest. When it comes to getting results, inspired action will always trump plain old effort, so go for glory.

4) Get support
Putting yourself out there’s a lot easier when you’ve support. There are lots of communities and programs dedicated to masterminding, support and accountability. I’m really interested in trying Savor Circles, you could also create your own group. The best groups consist of like-minded people with complimentary skill sets and experiences.

5) Do Not wait for things to be perfect
An idea is worthless until you make it a reality. Get it out there and know that sometimes good is good enough.

Let’s inspire one another to reach for our goals!

Solid Advice On How To Battle Cancer

There is nothing quite like receiving traumatic news to really throw you off and discourage you in life. Learning that you have cancer can be incredibly devastating and leave you seeking answers from anywhere. Here are some tips you can use to better learn and understand cancer and your options.

Eat as little sugar as possible. Sugar contributes to the growth rate of cancer cells. Since cancer cells require sugar for fuel, reducing the amount you eat, or eliminating it entirely can rob cancer of its energy source. This alone isn’t going to get rid of cancer, but it can increase the chance that the cancer will go into remission if other treatments are used.

If you have a friend or loved one suffering from cancer, there are many ways to show your love and support. One way is to accompany the person to doctor appointments and chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Cancer can be a lonely disease, and having a supportive partner can do wonders to lift the spirits of the one fighting it.

Battle CancerIf you are battling cancer, it can be helpful to join a support group for your type of cancer or cancer in general. Talking to others in your situation can help you feel less alone and give you a chance to make new friends. Mutual support can be very important on the journey to recovery.

It’s important to take detection and the possibility of early treatment, seriously, when thinking about cancer. Learn how to self-examine yourself for cancers of the skin, colon, prostate, cervix and breast. Be sure to perform checks regularly so that you can start fighting early and give yourself the best chance possible.

When being treated for cancer many people feel weak and should not drive a car at that time. There are times when cancer patients have gotten into accidents because they were not feeling well and fell asleep behind the wheel. Someone could get seriously hurt if someone is sleeping while driving.

When battling cancer it is important for you to try to find humor somewhere. Many people fall into depression while they are battling cancer and do not even realize it. It is understandable for someone to feel depressed about the diagnosis but fighting is what helps save lives. Humor can be a great way to put up a fight.

Focus on having a healthy diet during your cancer treatment. Eating better will give you more energy for everything that you are going through. It will also help you feel less stressed because your body will have the fuel it needs for the day. Research has shown that eating well may also extend your life.

You should know and be mindful of the signs of certain forms of cancer, such as colon cancer, should you hope to detect it early. So if you have symptoms like blood in your stool, unexplained weight loss or cramping then you could have colon cancer. Be sure to get checked out if you display these types of symptoms.

While laughter may not be able to cure cancer, it can certainly help a little. People call laughter the best medicine for a good reason. Cancer is a very serious illness, but don’t allow an overly-serious ambiance to envelop you permanently. This may inhibit some of the humor and laughter that would normally be spontaneous. Appreciating the humor in life will help you to feel a little better both physically a mentally.

Always consider that a doctor you like, might not be the right doctor to help you beat your cancer. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile and seek out a specialist in the field with more expertise than your current oncologist may have. It’s all about getting better and experts can help make this happen.

Berries can be a very strong ally if you are trying to prevent contracting cancer. A wide assortment of berries like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are full of anthocyanidins, phytochemicals, and other phenolic compounds that have cancer-fighting properties and antioxidant powers. Something as simple as a berry can help prevent cancer.

Staying out of the sun is key in preventing skin cancer, but most people do not listen to this advice in the wintertime. Believe it or not, the same UV rays from the sun penetrate the atmosphere in the cooler months too. You might not feel the heat, but you will receive the same radiation.

Check your available surgical options compared to your chemotherapy options and vice versa when fighting cancer. Maybe surgery can help you to get rid of the cancerous tumor, and maybe chemotherapy is your better option. When a doctor suggests one, be sure that you ask about the other. Cover all your bases here.

Be mindful of your exposure to BPA. This synthetic estrogen is often found in canned goods, water bottles and other items. Research has shown that BPA has the potential to cause cancer, so try to eat more frozen foods and look for water bottles that are labeled as BPA free.

Wear a strong SPF protection sunscreen every day. This can help to reduce your risk of skin cancer. The sun emits damaging ultraviolet rays, but sunscreen can help to protect you from them. Look for a high quality sunscreen that contains both UVA and UVB protection for best results.

Get a minimum of eight nightly hours of rest. The treatments and medications used to fight cancer can take a major toll on your body, leaving you fatigued and stressed out. If you get enough sleep, it will help you heal faster, and give you more energy to meet the demands of the day. You should actually put time aside in your day to get a nap, if necessary.

Life is all about options, and that simple fact doesn’t change just because cancer is in the picture. If you can use what you’ve learned here and implement these tips in order to help you along the way, you should be able to control your disease and to ultimately emerge the victor when it’s all said and done.